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Embarking on our journey to establish strong connections and elevate the patient experience has always been our mission. We aspire to show a path for those in search of dental care, revealing the compelling alternative that Mexico offers. Gone are the days when the weight of financial constraints compelled individuals to forgo or postpone essential dental treatments. We champion a vision of a more accessible future for your dental health.

Picture a dental connection in which information is transparent, where specialists, clinics, costs, and timelines are presented openly for your careful consideration. This newfound transparency empowers you, the patient, to exercise greater control over your healthcare choices. Your journey towards a healthier smile has never been more guided by your own hands.


From all over the United States and Canada, countless individuals grapple with the challenge of unmet dental needs. If you find yourself here, reading these words, you likely understand this predicament all too well. The burden of exorbitant dental costs looms large for many, Long waits for appointments, multiple Refferals. Yet, dear reader, it is 2023, and a pressing question demands our attention: Why should anyone be in these situations and even more be  pay a staggering 60% more than necessary for dental care that, in many cases, can be found at comparable or even superior quality? In the vibrant landscape of Mexico, you have the opportunity to access top-tier dental care, cutting-edge facilities, and seasoned specialists—all within your reach.

Let's dispel the dental phobia that is not about drills or injections; it's about the financial burden. In Mexico, a world of affordable yet world-class dental care awaits you, set against the backdrop of some of the most enchanting destinations. The time has come to take control of your dental future. Where your smile is your own, and the cost of care should no longer weigh heavily upon you

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The history of Dental Destinations Mexico

Dental Destinations Mexico is an expansion of an already very popular concept and respected dental Tourism resource called Dental Dental Destinations Cancun. This well established online informative dental vacation and booking facilitator who have dedicated over a decade into assisting International patients research, collect information and help put together in collaboration with dental specialists treatment costs , treatment timelines, and any and all necessary details that a patient traveling for dentistry may need presented transparently, honestly and above all with the patients needs and care at the front of all interactions.

If we can eliminate as many unnecessary misconceptions, or surprises a patient may encounter when looking for a dentist in Mexico and present in real time and with real evidence about conducting research and connecting to clinics that can become a trusted resource, affiliated with professional and talented dental specialists, we open the door to a new way of looking after your dental health and appearance and to allow people to be part of and in control of who , where and when they want to get their dental work done. 

One of the most common phrases we hear is


''if I knew about this option and how good the care and work was going to be , I would have done this years ago''



Redefining the Way 
Patients research Dental Tourism Mexico

Mexico is home to some of the most talented and renowned dental specialists and stunningly ultra modern clinical facilities. 

Affordability has always been the hook for dental tourists electing to travel to Mexico for dental work, and in most cases have satisfactory experiences and outcomes, unfortunately most poor or bad experiences are due to lack of research, due diligence of specific clinics, or without the full understanding of the specialists and treatments which can lead to frustration, poor communication, less than desirable results,  unscheduled extended overstays or unplanned return trips.

What most people find when researching terms such as "Mexican dentist" or "Dental work Mexico" the resources online are usually directories which list hundreds of clinics and provide limited information or links to a site. 


Dental Destinations Mexico have never settled for just satisfactory, we want to make sure that the Dental Tourism to Mexico experience is one that provides relevant Information pertaining to deciding factors International patients need to take into consideration. Build the trust, present the levels of care and results as well as retaining the financial savings aspect in the majority of cases. 

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Is Dental Tourism Mexico the right choice for you?

We help People from all walks of life, needing all types of dental work, with all types of doubts and concerns - Maybe traveling to Mexico for dentistry in right for you, or maybe it isn't , Either way with our help and that of the dental specialists you will have been given valuable information to make your own better informed decision.

After more than 14 years working consistently in building and improving the international dental tourists experience, helping to develop Dental Tourism Mexico through providing relevant and useful information, assistance and connections to some of the best dental specialists in Quintana Roo to help International patients really understand the Overall quality and dental care that can be received in Mexico when done correctly. We have now put these skills and organizational processes into an exclusive Network of Talented Dental Specialists throughout Mexico so there are more options.

Research + Due Diligence 

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Showcasing Dental Tourism Mexico and the options available.

Dental Destinations Mexico will show you what is available, We have seen and have been part of countless life changing and life affirming experiences that people have encountered when traveling to Mexico for dentistry.


We will always be Ambassadors of Dentistry in Mexico and the Patient Advocate to keep reaching and educating on the subject of this the very real and viable option of traveling for dentistry when done correctly.

Allowing better access and showcase the exceptional talents, qualifications , experiences and levels of care given by talented dentists in Mexico including the many stunningly designed and presented clinical facilities, dental laboratories and results. 


Improve International patients understanding of the levels of Care, Quality and overall standards of dentistry in Mexico, To better present, prepare and provide real connections to the Top dental specialists throughout Mexico.

With ability to understand treatment costs, specialists experience and history, locations, protocols and previous work and patient experiences.

Financial savings will be found but after the best Care, Results and Experience.

We want people to choose to travel to Mexico for their dental work because of the  standards they see , the options available and the chance to travel to parts of Mexico they so wish to explore and enjoy.  


That is the future of Dental Tourism Mexico and will allow continued growth and options- 

We always want to work with solid clinics,  with great dental specialists with tangible results and great reputations who have a certain flair and care with their patients, modern clinics that make patients know they have made the right decision,
Why? Because that is what we would look for in a dental clinic away from home

Our Journey So Far Dental Tourism Mexico 



We began our involvement in the sales and coordination of Principally American and Canadian patients seeking cheaper dentistry in Cancun. We quickly learned the points most important to International patients, the difficulties , objections, concerns and expectations. We also quickly learnt that sales was not the right way to go about providing the best patient experience and handling expectations. From this introduction we have stood by a 100% Consultative approach to dentistry in Mexico.



After building our understanding of the Dental Tourist and their needs we wanted to build an entire experience around great quality yet affordable dentistry and to really change the negative attitudes of what we often came across in the media about Dental Tourism options in Mexico. Here we put together a fully serviced and patient centric dental tourism experience in one of the most exclusive spaces in the centre of Cancun's hotel zone. We focused on transparent costs, realistic timelines and strong clinical executions by certified dental specialists all combined with unbelievable views and clinical environment. Here we were Awarded numerous prestigious peer and patient reviewed patient service acknowledgements.



We finally put a name to our information and facilitation services and began our online Dental Vacation Cancun resource - We began a dedicated and open model of information, education, hints and tips on navigating and arranging dental work in Cancun and the Riviera Maya Mexico for anyone interested to learn more and with the ability to facilitate appointments through our collaboration with one

of the Top dental clinics in Cancun & Playa Del Carmen.


Here we were able to build together the the Best dental Experience in Cancun and worked proudly with some of the most talented dental specialists we have ever known to receive the GCR awarded Top dental clinic Mexico for 2 consecutive years. 



Throughout the years we have been contacted by other dental clinics and dental specialists in and around Mexico for working partnerships, affiliations or consultancy advice. While we are proud of the name we have built up in Quintana Roo we wanted to expand and basically try to help more people realise dentistry in Mexico is a great option.


So we started to reach out to our network of dental specialists in 2021 , some were recommended, others we have gotten to know over the years as well as those we have professionally admired, along with doing our own hands on research and investigations on those clinics we could see were doing great work.

We want solid clinics with great dental specialists with tangible results and great reputations who have a certain flair and care with their patients, modern clinics that make patients know they have made the right decision, Why? Because that is what we would look for in a dental clinic away from home.

So here we are now

Open Workspace


"In Dental Tourism there is Freedom, freedom of choice, freedom of transparency, freedom from financial burdens but above all the freedom to live Smiling.

Smiling Coworker



  • There will be one principal dental specialist usually the head clinician / Owner of the clinic as the face of the clinic and point of reference -  but can change depending on speciality required or requested

  • Specializations that the dentists and clinics possess will be collected - This can be what the clinic classes their strengths Cosmetic - Implants - Orthodontics - etc 

  • We collect and review, present Proof of clinics Specializations and specialists resumes , professional qualifications, diplomas and continued training 

  • We ensure that English is spoken to a proficiency level of no less than  85% of principal dental specialists presented - Unless otherwise specifically started and Translators are included by the clinic. 

  • Tours of the clinics will show each clinic will have complete and up to date facilities and have proof and protocols of necessary sanitisation and COVID protocols. 

  • Patients will receive from the clinics written information prior as well as aftercare instructions for the dental treatments selected 

  • We choose clinics that have Locations that are easily accessible and in popular and secure zones 

  • Access to one to one chats / Interviews with the specialists / Patient manager teams to establish a confident and well rounded agreement for patients 

  • Extensive background checks of online specialists and clinic reviews for professional current standings.

  • Collection of testimonials and Interviews with previous patients of their honest experiences and overall satisfaction including decisions to travel for the work - (Overtime) 

  • Valid and Verified Before and After photos of multiple different treatment specialities 

  • We will not add to our network any clinics with more than 5 verified negative reviews which have not been addressed or attempts to rectify such by the clinic.

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Communication + Connection + Choice

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