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How we can best support your Dental Tourism Mexico Experience.

This is a collaboration of yourself, the Dental teams presented and our connection to these specialists and clinics, the best way Dental Destinations Mexico and our Affiliated Mexico dentists can work for you and set up appointments, have the treatment options and costs presented is to better understand your dental needs, case or requirements

You want punctual responses, dates that work for you and realistic options, accurate costs and workable information which we all want to provide.

If you have recent Xrays, Current treatment plans and or scans the specialist request you forward them to Dental Destinations Mexico so we can have them registered, reviewed and assessed by the clinic of choice for their professional recommendations.

If you do not have any current information on your dental case / Condition we and the dental specialists will not be able to provide you with much more information.

If you are already in destination of a clinic or have travel dates booked to a particular dental destination listed and would like us to arrange an Affiliate free Consultation please state dates of stay and treatments interested in.

We are not here to give you recommendations on where to travel - That is a personal preference, we are showing you what dental clinics and dental specialists are available.


We are not able to follow up patient leads without a current contact telephone number.

We cannot reply to non specific Requests without your case information sent prior - Examples 

  • ''How much to fix my Smile''?'

  • ''How much do full mouth dental Implants costs''?

  • ''How long should do I need to be there''?

We must make contact to you the Prospective Patient via email / WhatsApp communication to use our Services. 

Prior to requesting Information and assistance it is understood that you have read and understand the Terms of use of Dental Destinations Mexico 

Use of Dental Destinations Mexico Website

Dental Destinations Mexico does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment guarantees. The information provided on this site is designed to support, not replace, the relationship that exists between a patient/site visitor and his/her existing physician. (the "Site"), is to be used for communication purposes only. The Site is a tool for and is intended to assist Users and health care providers to communicate, but is not intended as a substitute for, the advice and expertise of a qualified physician or health care provider.

Once you have agreed with the clinic and specialist to be under their care and begin treatments, from that point on any and all treatment, procedure and costs will be directed and handled by the clinic and you the patient.

Submit Your Request - 

Thank you for your Application

Communication + Connection + Choice

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