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Dental Tourism Mexico has all the facets needed to provide International patients with care, dental specializations and positive outcomes for their dental needs including significant financial savings that allow the combination of travel, stay and dental work and at times still save money.


Mexico, the vibrant and culturally rich country, has emerged as the unrivaled capital of Dental Tourism for American and Canadian patients. And why shouldn't it be? Allow us to present the compelling reasons why Mexico has become the focal point for countless international dental patients, making it their ultimate dental destination of choice.

First and foremost, the allure of travel itself serves as a significant motivating factor for many patients. Mexico offers an exquisite blend of dental excellence and the opportunity to explore its breathtaking landscapes. Picture yourself basking in the lap of luxury at relaxed all-inclusive hotels lining the pristine shores of Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Alternatively, indulge in the awe-inspiring beauty of Mexico City, a metropolis steeped in history, where every turn reveals museums, restaurants, and captivating glimpses into the past.

Beyond the obvious tourist hotspots, Mexico encompasses quieter yet equally stunning backdrops such as San Miguel Allende, a town exuding tranquility and charm, and the lively and cosmopolitan ambiance of Tijuana and Monterrey. With 32 states, each contributing its unique cultural and historical significance, Mexico beckons visitors to delve into diverse traditions and immerse themselves in culinary delights, architectural marvels, and the richness of its heritage. Here, the old seamlessly merges with the new, thanks to the modern and ever-growing infrastructure that draws people from all corners of the globe.

It just so happens that dental tourists can take advantage of these exceptional experiences while receiving top-notch dental care. Mexico's commitment to oral health is exemplified by its remarkable standing in the global arena. The country proudly ranks first in the Americas and seventh in the world for the number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This remarkable recognition showcases Mexico's dedication to preserving its cultural treasures, which extends to its dental industry, where exceptional standards of care are upheld.

In Mexico, dental tourism transcends mere dental procedures—it becomes an immersive journey, an amalgamation of first-class dental care and the exploration of a country teeming with marvels. As patients seek to enhance their oral health, they are also enriched by the vibrant tapestry of Mexican culture, history, and hospitality. Thus, it is no wonder that Mexico has claimed its rightful place as the epicenter of Dental Tourism for American and Canadian patients, beckoning all those who seek the perfect blend of exceptional dental care and unforgettable experiences.


Dental Destinations Mexico  Dental Tourism Mexico


Obviously Costs and logistics have to be taken into account for certain dental treatments and these can include return trips, treatment timelines and ability to travel. We are not here to just promote the average cost savings of dentistry in Mexico, which are on average 40% and upwards depending on destination, type of dentistry and specialist training. But for Tens of thousands of American and Canadians each year getting dentistry in Mexico makes sense - so we recommend each of you completes your own research, due diligence and if still interested follow our recommendations on how to receive more accurate and transparent options from the Mexico dentist or dental clinic you are interested in visiting.


Geographically, Mexico is an ideal choice for Americans and Canadians due to its close proximity. It is conveniently located as the southern neighbor, making it easily accessible for dental treatments. Moreover, many border towns in Mexico have already gained a reputation for their excellent dentists.

In addition to its geographical advantages, Mexico is a well-established favorite vacation destination for Americans. In the first quarter of 2018 alone, Mexico welcomed over 10 million tourist arrivals. Even during the pandemic, it has remained the top vacation destination of choice, with Cancun receiving the first official safe travel certification.

One of the key factors contributing to Mexico's popularity is the convenience and affordability it offers. Traveling to Mexico allows individuals to budget for return visits, depending on their treatment needs. Notably, Cancun International Airport, the second busiest airport in Mexico and the fourth busiest in Latin America, ensures easy accessibility for visitors.

Furthermore, the favorable currency exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the Mexican peso makes Mexico an even more appealing choice. The U.S. dollar holds more value in Mexico, allowing visitors to stretch their budget and enjoy more for their money.

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Universidad (Higher Education) University education in Mexico generally follows the US education model - four years to complete a bachelor's degree undergraduate level (Licenciatura), and two degrees at the postgraduate level, a two year Master's degree (Maestría), and a three year Doctoral degree (Doctorado).

Further education dental Specializations like Prosthodontics, Endodontics etc take an additional 3 years.


After graduating and having completed 1 year of social service working in public clinics, hospitals and rural areas that are given placements by the Ministry of Health, Many Mexican dentists continue their further education and relevant courses and techniques on their own merits, deciding to invest and work and continue to study and take courses internationally to gain experience and valuable speciality knowledge and practical  skills.

There are also many International dental specialists working based in Mexico from Venezula, Cuba, where the education systems and levels of higher education are just as rigorous as the United States and Canada.


The amount of time and investment into so many of the new era Mexican dental clinical facilities is where a lot of negative stereotypes get laid to rest.


Many dental clinics and especially those focused towards not only their national patients but international markets understand the importance of clinical surroundings, Equipment and design, Investing in reputable and recognised brands, This not only improves their work flow and work standards but elevates their reputations and overall image.


This is more than a clean white and sanitized dental clinic, this is about design, location and allowing them to include the patient to get in their comfort zones by experiencing some incredible clinical / patient environments.

Many of the affiliated Mexican dental clinics we have seen would not look out of place in Knightsbridge, Harley Street or Beverly Hills. 

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The majority of dental clinics who work with International patients and we mean those that have an already established International previous patient base and not those clinics who see the odd International patient or an emergency root canal. We are talking about dental clinics that have the understanding, experience and proven structures to tend to such patients needs. With In house laboratorys, Dedicated patient managers or coordinators, Possibility of Local hotel deals and transportation. 

These Dental Tourism Clinics excel in putting the International patients care, comfort and trust at the top each and every time. They will go out of their way to make sure appointment times are met, explanations are given and questions answered, costs explained and presented and a whole other host of patient care extras that are simply missing from the majority of other dental experiences back home. They want you to travel and have them and their teams perform your dental work.


It is very common that appointments for your dental work in Mexico will be tailored to suit your schedule and travel arrangements, and the commonality that there are much shorter treatment timelines which means more work completed in much shorter time frames (cases permitting) and that many clinics in our affiliate network have multiple specialists in one clinic  location which are able to proceed with specialized procedures without having to schedule and reschedule over countless weeks for other dental referral appointments.

These tailored schedules allow patients to choose the best dates for travel, look for the best rates for hotels and flights that all contribute to the financial savings of Dental Tourism Mexico. 


Not only that but getting to relax between appointments, recuperate and enjoy their surroundings (again dependent on type of dental treatments) and not rushing back and fourth between work, home, and general life scenarios.

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Our Teams recall as Satisfaction rate of 96% from a recent poll of International patients who travelled to Mexico for their dental care. People are satisfied and happy with their dental results in Mexico for several reasons. Firstly, the cost of dental procedures in Mexico is typically more affordable compared to many other countries. This affordability makes dental treatments more accessible to individuals who may not be able to afford them in their home country.

Secondly, Mexico has a well-established dental tourism industry with many clinics and practitioners offering high-quality services. Dentists in Mexico are often highly trained and experienced, and they may use advanced equipment and follow international standards of care.

Thirdly, dental clinics in Mexico invest in advanced technology and equipment, which can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of treatments. This can lead to better outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Additionally, many dental clinics in Mexico prioritize excellent customer service and patient care. Dentists and staff are often friendly, attentive, and dedicated to providing a positive experience for their patients.

Furthermore, combining dental treatment in Mexico with a vacation allows patients to enjoy the country's tourist attractions, such as beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and historical sites.

However, it's important to remember that individual experiences may vary, and not all dental procedures or clinics in Mexico will deliver the same level of satisfaction. Thorough research, reading reviews, and consulting with multiple dentists is advisable. It's also important to consult with your regular dentist and ensure continuity of care if seeking dental treatment abroad like Mexico.


Being an Experienced Dental Tourism facilitator focused on Mexico and only focusing on dentistry (unlike many medical tourism agencies) and not multiple clinic listings in each state, there are no distractions or crossovers we are not only highlighting some of the best dentists available, we are providing answers to a variety of questions specific to dentistry in Mexico, some you may not have even thought of asking or needed to be asked.


Combined with in depth research, communication and collection of necessary evidence and documentation of specialists and clinics, continued training courses attended, equipment used in clinics, Sterilisation and sanitisation protocols , one to one specialist interviews.

Dental Destinations Mexico focuses on Quality over quantity with every clinic, specialist and Patient Experience available.

A Dental tourist, who are by nature, and by the very decision to look to travel to Mexico are cost motivated / price sensitive, and we are well aware our help can potentially save you a substantial amount of money on your dental work. But we also want to do more for you, we want you to be better prepared and informed so why would you not want a friendly knowledgeable helping hand finding you a reputable dentist in Mexico, if you believe you can navigate, evaluate and find a dentist in Mexico with a phone call or email yourself, your expectations or experience may fall short. 


You may find that after reading and researching Dental work in Mexico and being in contact with the specialists and provided with treatment presentations and costs that going to Mexico is simply not right for your needs and decide not to continue to pursue this route, And that is great, as we want to know we have done our job properly and professionally.

But if it is the right decision on researching for you like it has been for tens of thousands of patients, Dental Destinations Mexico will work to make the whole process as stress free and useful as possible.


The average dental tourist to Mexico, is likely to be ready, willing and able to enjoy the destination and “ Vacation” side  of the trip with tours, activities before or even after his or her procedures. So in addition to quality dentistry, saving money you are able to enjoy the dental destination of your choice in Mexico. *Note that this is dependent on treatments receiving and doctors pre and post treatment guides and recommendations.


Picture a reality where compromising quality or enduring dental neglect becomes a thing of the past, where you and your loved ones do not need to go without such a basic yet vital healthcare service , free from pain, embarrassment, with improved overall health and losing the constant fear of financial strainthat's why it makes sense!


Also Vacations and the combination of receiving top tier dentistry at the same time 

You can see from the reviews, videos, testimonials and the undeniable popularity that Dental Tourism to Mexico when done right can change your life for the better.

Unlock the secret to a life of extraordinary possibilities where dream vacations seamlessly intertwine with top-tier dentistry


Brace yourself for a dental experience that defies conventional norms, for it's time to uncover a remarkable truth: the synergy between rejuvenating getaways and premier dental care can empower you to thrive beyond your wildest imagination.

Communication + Connection + Choice

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