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Well is it? 

This Is not a simple black and white Answer to a very multi faceted Question, but saying that, It is easier to sell the negative stereotype of poor dentistry in Mexico that is often portrayed in the media than acknowledge the reality of the extremely high quality, international levels and standards of dental care in Mexico, but with any decision to undergo medical procedures including dentistry, as well as travelling to another country the more information you have about who, what and where is going to hold you in good stead and help ensure your experience is a positive one.


The Simple answer we want to give in the majority of our extensive experience is yes, dentistry in Mexico for the larger part is safe but of course only if you are willing to do some serious research, have an understanding of your dental needs, use a trusted guide or referral agents for some added support as well as performing due diligence the chances are you will probably have the best dental experience you have ever had. This is in large part to the fact that many dental tourism focused dental clinics combine a full patient service in addition to the excellent dentistry, IE complimentary transportation for appointments, personal coordinators on hand to assist International patients, preferential hotel deals and other perks (but these extras should not be the focus when choosing a dentist in Mexico) 


Remembering that you are in control of any and all decisions and aspects of your dental care and health is also important, if you do not feel 100 percent comfortable with the chosen clinic or specialist or any part of the planned dentistry or options are not what you want or feel is necessary do not go ahead with the work.


Mexico for Dentistry is well documented rapidly expanding and successful industry with tens of thousands of satisfied International patients and avid ambassadors of traveling to Mexico for dentistry and this is evident by google search terms, interest  collected by online companies, clinics and reasons provided by tourists citing this the reason for visiting Mexico, as well as the numerous online directories and facilitators.



Dental Tourism is not just a fad capitalised by clinics in Mexico, There are a long list of countries that support and provide such specialised reasons to travel,  IE Medical tourism and Dental Tourism. Favourites include Thailand, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, In Europe Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Spain all are extremely popular destinations with International medical tourists. 



So why is common that Mexico gets less than flattering press when it comes to American and Canadians looking to travel for their dental work, well there have been publicised stories about bad experiences and this has played well into highlighting the old negatives and with Dentists and professional dental bodies in other countries who we hope have their patients best interests at heart and are wanting to only protect their health, there is still a lot of time and effort in dissuading their patients from having their dental work completed in Mexico, which from any point of view affects their revenues. 


The Levels of Education, continued training, specialists, clinical facilities, and overall dental care provided by this Niche Dental Tourism focused group of dental specialists in Mexico are strong, morally centred and aims to bring affordable quality dental care to International patients.



There are some poor performing dentists (this is a reasonable assumption and fact in most cities)  - Its is not common but keep this in mind,  bad experiences and improper or poorly performed dentistry is a reality that is  a fact for anywhere in the world. By not rushing into dental work, performing more research than just checking a Facebook page or taking a friend of a friends recommendation along with due diligence and understanding what points are important in the decision making process of choosing a dentist or dental clinic in Mexico will certainly provide you with the best information and tools to decide if it is for you, and if it is how to make sure it is a safe and positive one. With our points and recommendations as well as connections to top rated dentists in Mexico we aim to show you that yes, Dentistry in Mexico is a safe and a viable, valid option to get the dental care you need and want.  



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Discovering the right dental care in Mexico abroad can be an exciting yet crucial decision.

At Dental Destinations Mexico, we understand the importance of your oral health and strive to provide you with sound recommendations for a safe and positive dental experience in Mexico. We stand firmly behind the dentists and clinics we showcase, recognizing their commitment to exceptional care and supporting patients who seek dental treatment in Mexico.

To ensure your peace of mind and a successful dental journey, we offer the following valuable tips:

  1. Assess the Dentist's Education and Clinical Experience: Take the time to inquire about the educational background and clinical experience of the dental specialist you are considering visiting. Understanding their qualifications and expertise will help you make an informed decision regarding your dental needs.

  2. Confirm Relevant Specializations: Determine if the dentist or clinic holds specific specializations relevant to your specific dental treatment requirements. Specialized knowledge and skills in areas such as cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, or dental implants can enhance the quality of care you receive.

  3. Seek Verified Patient Feedback and Referrals: Look for genuine patient testimonials and positive feedback to gain insight into the experiences of others who have received treatment from the dentist or clinic. Verified patient reviews can provide reassurance and help you gauge the level of satisfaction among previous patients.

  4. Evaluate Clinical Facilities and Equipment: Inquire about the type of clinical facilities and equipment available at the dental clinic. A well-equipped facility with modern technology demonstrates a commitment to providing advanced and efficient dental care.

  5. Consider the Clinic Environment and Ambience: Pay attention to the overall clinic environment and ambiance. A calm and organized setting, fluid communication, and adherence to appointment times contribute to a positive dental experience. Ensuring that the clinic operates smoothly and professionally can help alleviate any potential concerns.

  6. Confirm Experience with International Patients: Verify if the dentist or clinic has experience in catering to international patients. Dealing with international patients requires organizational expertise and understanding of specific needs, such as language barriers and travel logistics. Choosing a dentist familiar with these considerations can enhance your overall experience.

  7. Inquire About Guarantees or Warranties: Find out if the dentist or clinic provides any guarantees or warranties on the dental procedures they perform. Such assurances demonstrate the dentist's confidence in their work and provide you with additional peace of mind.

  8. By following these recommendations, you can make an informed decision and ensure a safe and positive dental experience in Mexico. Dental Destinations Mexico is here to support you throughout your dental journey, connecting you with reputable dentists who prioritize your well-being and oral health.





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