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Mexico Dental Tourism - Research and Questions to ask 

We are dedicated to providing dental tourists with comprehensive and reliable information to enhance their dental experience. Over the years, we have actively engaged with previous patients, attentively listening to their feedback, concerns, and inquiries. By leveraging this wealth of knowledge and experience, we have developed a set of recommendations that are essential for ensuring the best possible dental experience in Mexico.


As you are searching for a competent, Qualified and reputable dentist in Mexico what can you do to ensure that your decision and choice of dentist is a well thought out and planned choice? Well Interviewing (or asking the right questions) will certainly make sure that you have answers and evidence that will meet your expectations and needs for getting the best dentistry in Mexico and help you decide which of the many dentists and online options really can provide the optimal dental care and results necessary for your dental destination choice. We understand that some people are only starting their journey into the possibility of dentistry in Mexico, we also know that some people will want to make their own plans, appointments and choices which we respect. But we want people to travel for their dental work in Mexico Safely, with assistance and support backed and supported by over a decade of facilitation. So if you want to know the best questions to ask a prospective dentist in Mexico if they can provide the necessary care, work, and results you deserve read the list and make notes. 

Dental Destinations Mexico


  • Which specialist will be performing the dental work / surgery ​

  • What is the Dental Specialists Experience, Years of practicing, specific specialist training (Ask to see Certifications, diplomas, degrees, any advanced dental education)​

  • Will the Specialist be able to understand me, will there be any communication barrier?

  • Are there other Qualified Specialists available during treatments that maybe required?


  • Are there any additional treatments that may be needed and could possibly increase the cost quoted? 

  • Will I need to take medications / Pain management medication after?*

  • What happens if I have an emergency and the clinic is closed?
  • Will the treatment plan require more than 1 visit toMexico? if so how many*
  • What happens if I decide not to go ahead with the treatments once I am there?​
  • Do you have the necessary equipment and technology to perform my treatments?
  • What happens if a treatment fails?


  • Who will follow up with me after treatment, who can I contact if I have any questions or doubts?

  • Will my diet be affected after, if so what will be the diet plan or options and will I need to take any extra precautions?*​

  • Any restrictions after the treatments / Surgery?* 

  • What happens if I have an emergency and the clinic is closed?​

  • What happens if I am not happy with the dental work received?


  • Do I need to bring anything specific with me on my appointments?​

  • Which dental clinic or facility will the treatments be performed?​

  • Will I have transportation included for all clinical appointments?

  • Do you have any previous patients I can contact?

  • Can my companion accompany me during the appointment and or surgery? 

  • Does the clinic accept dental insurance?​

  • What Payments do the clinic accept?​

  • What initial payment is expected 50 - 50 , 70 - 30, 100% on the first appointment and treatment acceptance

  • Do you have the necessary equipment and technology to perform my treatments?*​

  • What are your sterilization protocols and now with COVID-19 ?

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  1. Research reputable dental clinics: Look for well-established dental clinics with positive reviews and experienced dentists. Check their credentials, qualifications, and specialization in the required dental procedure.

  2. Verify dentist credentials and certifications: Ensure that the dentist you choose is licensed, certified, and has adequate training and experience in the specific dental procedure you need.

  3. Consultation and treatment plan: Schedule a consultation with the dentist before your trip to discuss your dental needs and develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Clear communication regarding the procedure, expected outcomes, and potential risks is crucial.

  4. Quality of dental materials and equipment: Inquire about the quality of dental materials and equipment used by the clinic. High-quality materials ensure long-lasting results and reduce the chances of complications.

  5. Hygiene and sterilization practices: Ensure that the dental clinic adheres to strict hygiene and sterilization standards. The clinic should follow proper infection control protocols, including the use of disposable instruments or thorough sterilization of reusable ones.

  6. Cost comparison and affordability: Compare the costs of dental procedures in different clinics to ensure affordability. However, be cautious of extremely low prices, as they may indicate compromised quality or hidden charges. Consider the overall value rather than focusing solely on cost.

  7. Check insurance coverage: If you have dental insurance, check if it covers treatments abroad. Inquire about the clinic's policies on insurance claims and reimbursement procedures.

  8. Travel arrangements: Plan your travel and accommodation in advance. Research the location of the dental clinic, nearby amenities, and transportation options. Consider factors like proximity to the airport and local attractions.

  9. Language and communication: Confirm that the dental clinic staff can communicate effectively in your preferred language. Clear communication is essential for a smooth dental experience.

  10. Pre- and post-treatment care: Inquire about pre- and post-treatment care instructions. Discuss any concerns or questions you may have with the dentist to ensure proper care before, during, and after the dental procedure.

  11. Emergency preparedness: Understand the dental clinic's emergency protocols and their ability to handle unexpected complications during or after the procedure.

  12. Follow-up appointments: Discuss the need for any follow-up appointments or ongoing dental care. Determine if these appointments can be scheduled during your visit or if they can be managed with a local dentist once you return home.


Paying for Dental Work Mexico - Dental Destinations Mexico

Because of the competitive nature of today’s dental marketplace, and even more so in the dental tourism market, patients have come to expect great deals. Many who are looking at traveling for dental work feel that as they are bringing usd they should be courted and offered free or discounted treatments in exchange for their booking (what is certain is that most would never think of asking their dentist back home for discounts as they are having “ lots of work” or choosing them)


This is a very common attitude for many looking at dental work and especially when it is Mexico, true it is a buyer’s market and patients have more options now than ever, but reputable dental clinics and dentists in Mexico with experience will very rarely feel obliged to give discounts or lower their costs as they understand the value of their time, specialisations, abilities and investments into their clinics and know the standards of equipment and materials that they provide.


Yes a patient has to take into account travel and hotel expenses but this is one of the big hooks for dental tourists to Mexico, they combine a vacation and receive the dental work they need or want which means they make the most out of their hard earned dollars. This is why the popularity of Dental Tourism Mexico is rising.

The difference between “cheap dentistry” and “affordable dentistry” is an important distinction to make – especially when you’re looking for a legitimate, reasonably-priced solution for your dental needs. 

Fortunately for clients of Dental Destinations Mexico, The clinics we connect you too provide as transparent as possible treatment costs, that’s because these dental solutions that are affordable allowing to budget and price compare between the usual very expensive dentistry routinely offered in the United States and Canada, but with the necessary evidence backed details to show these costs although affordable in comparison are not cheap. And any clinics that have noticeably lower costs from the "marketplace competition" should be approached with added caution.

People who think that paying for cheap dental work or specialized treatments from inexperienced dentists is worth the risk, eventually find out that this becomes much more expensive financially and health wise in the future. 


To find these quality, affordable dental solutions in Mexico you need to learn how to tell the good ones from the mediocre ones – and that’s why we have spent 13 years working with dental clinics, dentists and providers . 

the challenge for most in this is differentiating when spending more money will result in a tangible, qualitative difference. We are constantly working with our dental partners in Mexico to provide the best value for money possible, but at the same time, care, quality and sanitary conditions absolutely cannot be compromised under any circumstance.

FACT: We are all looking for the best deals for our dental needs both in quality and cost:

If you really compare the costs of treatments from dental clinic to clinic in Mexico that provide services for dental tourists, there are notable differences that relate to Specialisations, equipment and ,materials as well as the specialists Experience and education, so we advise you to take these points into account when comparing costs of dental work in Mexico, or anywhere for that fact.

So if you see one clinic that may have costs higher than their local competition check why, and you will probably be able to clearly see the difference between cheap dentistry and affordable dentistry.

Communication + Connection + Choice

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