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Tijuana has always been a Favourite Dental Destination in Mexico for International Patients, Ease of passage, Vibrant, Modern and home to countless dental clinics this city has much to offer the dental tourist. Dental Destinations Mexico have worked hard on working in finding the most popular and patient centric Mexican dentists and dental tourism capable clinics. And in SM4ALL we found not only exceptionally talented dentists but a team that is knowledgeable, friendly and makes all their patients feel like part of the family. With a strong and efficient front office comprising of helpful and detail oriented team your case and questions will be answered punctually and professionally and your dental work will be in the hands of qualified and caring dental specialists based in Tijuana. 

Multicultural, young, irreverent, borderline, innovative and creative, the city of Tijuana fits all these adjectives, while it does not stop evolving.


If you take your pencil with your right hand and are asked to draw a map of Mexico, the point where you will surely start is where Tijuana is located, on the world's busiest border with the United States. Perhaps that is why, among other nicknames, it is known as “the corner of Latin America.”


What to visit in Tijuana?

About 50 million people pass through the San Ysidro border crossing that connects Tijuana with the U.S. city of San Diego each year. In addition to Mexicans and people of the US, citizens from all over Latin America and from remote corners of the planet use this international transit point.


So the large number of cultures that meet on the streets of Tijuana have made their creative side develop extraordinarily, expressing themselves in various artistic manifestations.

Top dentist in Tijuana - Dental Destinations Mexico


Tijuana Top Rated dentists - Dental Tourism Mexico

As a graduate of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC), Dr. Arturo Mendez Valencia started his career in the dental field with a bachelor's degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery and has always been enthusiastic about learning. His education continued with his entrance into the International Academy of Dental Implantology in 2012 and earning his Residency as an Implantologist, which took him on a journey of more than 13 years of experience as an Oral Surgeon and a variety of accreditations. 
Currently, he is an active member of the Mexican Dental Association and has been a member of ITI Mexico (Straumann) since 2014. In this same year, he attended a Guided Surgery certification by Sirona Dentsply in Costa Rica. In 2015, he completed a thesis on GBR (guided bone regeneration) at The British Medical Association's house, and in 2016 he earned a Certificate in Anterior Implant aesthetics: Preservation vs Regeneration from Loma Linda University in California.
In addition, he also holds two Advanced Master Courses in Implantology from UNAM's Faculty of Dentistry in OSSTEM (2021) & Nobel Biocare (2015). His expertise includes Periodontitis, Laser 808 nm & 976 nm wavelength, an advanced Master course in Aesthetic Digital Implantology, and guided bone regeneration at IPEO San Pedro Garza in Nuevo Leon, Mexico (2021). 
In 2017, he created Smile Method for All (SM4 Dental group) & Smile Lab SM4 (dental laboratory), which both were recognized by the State of Baja California and the Sustainable Economy/Tourism Department as "Leaders in Health & Tourism" in the year 2021. Today, he is completing a master's in oral surgery at the UNITECH Mexico and Spain University. His continuous goal is to offer first-class treatments and services to his patients at affordable costs.

Dr Mendez - Presented by Dental Destinations Mexico


Tijuana Top Rated dentists - Dental Tourism Mexico

I began in the world of Odontology at the age of 18 studying a career to be a dental hygienist in Murcia, Spain. While studying this I realized that the dental world was my passion. I started working in the area and decided to study Odontology at the University of Montemorelos, Mexico. 

While a student at the university, and working on completing my Bachelors, I had the opportunity to travel to places such as Dominican Republic, Spain and Mexico to attend many Dental CE Courses implemented by recognized specialists. 
By the end of this period and after graduating from a four year University, I received an offer to work at the Santo Domingo Hospital in the Dominican Republic, working as a Dental Surgeon.

Following a two-year journey filled with knowledge, wisdom and gratitude, I returned to Tijuana, Mexico, to continue my professional development as a dental surgeon in the advanced area of surgery at the GDIA Institute. During this period I also completed a certification in functional and advanced aesthetics at OM Dental Education by Dr. Roberto Otero & Oral Rehabilitation at EVAO. All of this is with the intention of offering my patients nothing but the best service and treatment and to truly see them smile which is the greatest gratification any Doctor can receive.

Our team is warm, kind, friendly, caring, and completely devoted to providing the highest level of care & attention to our patients. We are all people-oriented and enjoy learning about each patient’s life, family, and interests, and most importantly their dental needs and goals. Our clinic team members will assist you during your visits. Their gentleness and experience will guide you through your whole process. They are always glad to answer any of your questions and concerns, provide encouragement, and teach you about your smile’s health.

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  • SMILE METHOD 4 ALL - 6 ultra modern Units

  • The Specialist have been operating for 13 Years 

  • Digital Smile Lab and in clinic CAD- CAM 

  • In House SMILE4EVER Dental Laboratory

  • Miembro del Colegio Mexicano de implantologia bucal y maxilofacial

  • All treatments performed at SM4ALL come with Guarantees and such specifications will be presented and discussed prior to any work being performed,

  • latest technology such as Laser Dentistry, Piezosurgery, PRP (Plasma) Dental therapy, Intra-oral dental scanner (x-ray), and Dental 3D scanner.

  • English Spoken and Spanish

  • front office team members can assist you in planning the trip to our office by assisting with booking a hotel, shuttle service information, paperwork, insurance, financial matters, treatment planning, and scheduling the trips/visits at times to our dental clinic


Top Rated dental clinic Tijuana - Dental Tourism Mexico

This Top dental  Clinic in Tijuana is Located on the Exclusive Avenida Bonampak at the Entrance to the Most Exclusive Zone, Puerta Cancun and marks the beginning of the Famous Cancun Hotel Zone and the Entrance to the Bustling Centro de Cancun, the Cancun dental clinic is spacious Ultra Modern Installations over 2 floors  meet sophisticated  yet relaxing decor confirming commitment to your needs. All new Units designed for space so no overcrowding, individual dental areas offer privacy yet designed to allow an openness so there will be no feeling of claustrophobia. Panoramic views, Natural Light with a calm and purposeful environment full of smiling faces and focused professionals all working to ensure you are at ease at all times and comfortable during your treatments. 

Dental Destinations Mexico Thoughts on SM4 All

From the get go working with SM4all we were blown away with the Friendliness and eagerness of the whole team especially clinic manager Evelyn and both Dr Mendez and Dr Marquez. The enthusiasm and passion that is evident from their professional presentation of their services, successes and pride in their chosen dental fields all the way through to the care and organization provided to the patients seeking their skills and clinical care. You will find it Impossible to find a more skilled and helpful set of dental specialists in Tijuana. 


  • ALLON4 / ALLON6 Oral Rehabilitations

  • Digital Smile Lab -Cosmetic Smiles

  • Root Canal Treatments - Microscopic

  • Dental Implants - 

  • Laser Dentistry

  • Crowns and Veneers



Communication + Connection + Choice

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