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Deciding on a destination in Mexico to undergo your dental work is a choice that requires a certain degree of research, planning and matching your needs.


Maybe you already have your trip all booked and know the City in which you want to visit, Maybe you are already there, or you may even want to have an adventure and tick off a bucket list location.

Below we give some important points to take into consideration if planning to travel to Mexico for dental work, and especially if it is a city that you are unfamiliar with.

Dental Destinations Mexico is not a travel agency, we are a connection and dental facilitation specialists to dentists and dental clinics around Mexico - So the location and the decision to book an appointment is yours, we want to help make this research and appointment booking / treatment information easier and purposeful. 

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Your choice in the dental clinic you visit in Mexico is a decision entirely up to you and the same goes for your travel preferences. Like we have mentioned maybe you are already here, or have a trip planned or even looking to tick this destination off your bucket list. Either way your choice on a specific dental destination in Mexico can vary. From popular Tourist locations like Cancun and Los Cabos to more traditional destinations like Mexico City, closer border towns like Tiujana all will have their charms, benefits and plus points and pain points (Tourist destinations usually have more English spoken as a general rule if that is important to you)  these requirements will better help you to plan and research how feasible your choice will be.

Dependent upon what type of dental treatments you are undergoing, some procedures and treatments (Including Dental implants) require at least 2 separate trips over a space of 4+ months. Will you be able to return easily to the clinic and destination , what if you require certain maintenance on the dental work? 


Some Suggestions to help decide on the best Dental Destination for your Care and Enjoyment


We have complied some suggestions that we hope help you better handle which destination in Mexico is the best for you when traveling for dentistry. While most decisions will be based on the specialists and clinics that you want to performing your dental work the destination is a vital aspect of making a successful dental experience in Mexico.

Travelling for dentistry can be so fulfilling if you take the time to plan a  getaway that meets the needs, hopes, and wants of you and your travel companions.

But, when you choose your dental destination in Mexico remember that the dentistry and the specialists recommendations should always be your priority.





A Dental tourist, who are by nature, and by the very decision looking to travel to Mexico are cost motivated / price sensitive, and we are well aware our help can potentially save you a substantial amount of money on your dental work. But understanding your budget before you decide where to go can provide some structure when narrowing down your list of destinations and also take into account the possibility that with certain treatments return visits are necessary.




Even if its your first time or you are a frequent traveller choosing a destination when traveling for dentistry you have to make sure it meets your needs, what do you want to do between appointments? Do you want to sightsee when it’s warm or work on your tan? Or do you prefer cooler temperatures and hope to see a different type of landscape?The dental tourist, is likely to be ready, willing and able to do activities, sightsee right before or even after his or her procedures, *This is down to the treatment types and specialists recommendation pre and post treatments. So choosing the right destination will certainly be beneficial for your overall experience when traveling for dentistry and understanding what you can and want to do will better help on choosing your destination 


Type of Dentistry

Understanding there type of dentistry you will be undertaking if traveling to Mexico is for this specific purpose is important in the decision making. How far to travel if return trips are necessary, location to principal airports, Distance of Clinic to hotels and public services. All have an impact depending on the dental work you will undergo.



Who’s going to travel with you


Who you travel with will have an impact on choosing the best dental destination in Mexico, Some people travel alone (we don’t recommend this when traveling for dentistry) Maybe with a friend, Partner, companion, Many travel with their families so as to combine a vacation choosing the best destination that suits yours and your traveling companions needs will - Beachtowns, Romantic Citys walks, Day trips, museums all these will help you better choose the right dental destination for you and your traveling companions.



When to Travel


Luckily for Dental Tourists most Mexican dental specialists and clinics work 6  days a week and will work to accommodate any dates you may have - Time is also an important factor for choosing a destination and treatment, How long are you expected to stay for the dental work, how much does the flights cost and accommodations. What is the weather like during your planned travel dates, any national holidays that may effect businesses or logistical services and activities.



Other Tip 


  • If you participate in airline or hotel loyalty programs, can you use miles and/or points to offset some or all of the costs?

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